K-10 Dog Training Guarantees

K-10 Dog Training guarantees that you will have the 'Tools', the Knowledge, to move your dog forward to start rehabilitating your dog's 'BAD' behaviors.  However, all dogs are different and all approaches to dogs vary and your Committment is vital to the success of K-10 Dog Training's training programs. 
When you Establish LEADERSHIP status your dog gains Trust and Respect towards You, the owner, handler and/or guardian.  With LEADERSHIP next follows training the FOCUS!  If your dog is not FOCUSED on YOU he/she will not comply to your commands, your needs to keep him/her with you and under your control and out of dangerous situations. 
Leadership and Focus is the Foundation to the training with Your dog...
                                          AND IS THE SUCCESS TO K-10 DOG TRAINING! 

           K-10 Dog Training believes in SETTING YOUR DOG UP FOR SUCCESS!!!!  
K-10 Dog Training will help you understand what you need to do for training your dog.  To understand and establish Leadership, training the Focus so your dog becomes the best for you.  Nothing is 'an overnight FIX'; It will depend on your commitment.  YOU, we, are continuously perfecting your training skills with your dog/puppy in order to achieve the highest level of Training for your dog.   I, as your Certified Dog Training will help you understand and achieve this goal.  One fact stands true:  It is the most awesome experience when you see your dog 'engaged' on you and performing 'good' behaviors for you at times when you don't even need to command him/her! in any environment!

K-10 Dog Training has 2 motos:

            "TWEEK IT, PERFECT IT, MAINTAINE IT, Reeee-FRESH IT!"  ©  2009 - 2015

                            "TRAIN THE SPIRIT, NOT BREAK IT!"    © 2009 - 2015
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