See What The DOGS Say

                                           My Name is Mr. Dog.  I live with Nancy. 

We go to the beach and just walk as far we can walk until it's time to get back to work.  I get to smell all kinds of 'things' while we walk the beach!
 Here I am, just taken in the sun...ahhh what a life I have!

   MY NAME IS PINCHER.  Some one had used the electric collar on me
   <<<<<   and it was  too shocking.  My mommy and daddy called Nancy in
    and with her positive reinforcement method, I didn't have to be put down...
    I love my life. 
                                      I Love Nancy too!!!
  Now, after Nancy showed me the tread mill, I can release some of my extra energy and relax with my human friends. is my sister,
  SNOWBALL...she didn't like the shocking experience
  with the electric collar either... but Nancy changed that around again by using her positive reinforcement method,  
  we are both happy go luckies...
                                As we once were.               As puppies should be!!!          
    My name is Gunther.  I am a beautiful Boxer/American Bull Dog mix with long,
    tall, slender legs.  I have lots and lots of ENERGY!!! 
    As my mommies say:  'I didn't mean it!" 
    I just love to run and tear up 'labels!'. 
    So Nancy showed me how to get into the pool and trust the water. 
    Now I love to swim with my mommies.
 I'm still working on 'focus' but love those treats!
  Here we are, Fabio and Rigley.  They say we are jumpie with company
  but with Nancy, well we love having her those treats!!!!  
              No JUMPING here!!!!
                    My name is Kayla.  I'm a Catahoula Hound Mix. 
                    I really like having Nancy over.             
                    I get lots of rewards for doing well with mommy. 
                    I was adopted at 1 & 1/2 years old and I've been working
                    real hard to not get so excited when I see other dogs. 
                    I focus on mommy real well and I actually enjoyed being with the
                    others in our classes. I needed the socialization. 
 Goldie SPCA
My name is Goldie.  Barb, a great SPCA volunteer, is my foster mommy.  Nancy with K10 Dog Training, helped Barb and me learn leadership and discipline.  I am having fun without getting myself into trouble.  WOW!  THANKS Barb and Nancy!!
If you wanta be my new mommy or daddy you can call the Georgetown SPCA of Delaware at 302-856-6361 and ask for me, Goldie.


Look here I am with Petey.  He too wants a mommy and daddy to take care of him.  We played well together.
Nancy is so much fun to be with...


  We're Alexa and Rocky
  watching Nancy clean.        
I'm Gracie. I got to chill with Nancy.  She makes me comfortable.
  I'm Candy, this is Cally.  Sophia is laying behind us. 

Cand and Cally watching Nancy work We're watching and waiting for our mommy and daddy.
  Pheeew!  I'm pooped after playing with Nancy. 
   What fun it is when she comes in to visit. 
                                                                                       We play, play, play and play some more!!!         

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