Group Classes

The following below will give details of the group classes offered through K-10 Dog Training.

Attendees must R.S.V.P.

CONTACT K-10 DOG TRAINING @ (302) 236-2497 or Email by clicking here to see which program fits your dog's needs and your goals you have for your dog.

Please Note: All Aggression And Behavioral Issues Must Be In-Home, Private Lesson(s).

The Following group courses are offered by K-10 Dog Training.

  • Basic Obedience – 3 levels of courses
    • Foundation to Basic Obedience
    • Continuation to the Foundation: adding standard commands
    • Basic Obedience: full course
  • Advanced Obedience
  • AKC Canine Good Citizen – 3 levels of programs
    • AKC STAR PUPPY PROGRAM: Required to take the Basic Obedience series and then you qualify for the Puppy Program. Age up to 1 year.
  • "Dogs Working with Dogs"
  • "Let's Walk" - Walking Course: Taking Leash Walking to a new level
  • Therapy Dog Evaluation
  • Public Access Training for Service Dogs

Guarantee: K-10 Dog Training Program will give You the 'TOOLS' you need to work with on the problems you are experiencing with your dog. The training program(s) teaches YOU to Deliver, Follow through, Reward and Release. Teaching your dog to Listen, Perform and Know What YOU Expect out of him/her. Where YOU learn to understand how to move your dog in a Positive direction. Changing a Negative into a Positive.

Please note: Behavior problems are concerns that need to be addressed in order to have a happy and safe home and environment. It is your commitment as the owner, handler or guardian that play a huge role to the program in order to take the training process to a whole new level and acquire the Success and Goals you desire for your dog(s). You learn ‘HOW TO’.