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How the K-10 Dog Training Program Works

First, as the ABC Certified Dog Trainer, Nancy LaFontaine explains and demonstrates how to understand and implement Leadership. Tone and body language speaks volumes to your dog.

Second, the 'Focus' is introduced into the initial training (this includes the Leadership skills and position) with ALL new clients.

It doesn't matter what training you've had done in the past.
You will LOVE this new approach!

Third, you will then be introduced to the Standard commands throughout the Training Program.

K-10 Dog Training starts off using the simplest 'positive' approaches, and then tweaking the approach in order to get positive responses from your dog. There are times when the behavior has become such a 'bad behavior' or 'bad habit' that training approaches may need to be taken to a higher level. Treating all dogs with special care is important. It's not coddling the dog but implementing 'Leadership' in order to communicate to your dog to 'settle', 'stop' that 'bad behavior'. Then REWARD, REWARD, REWARD for 'good behavior'. 'Setting Your Dog Up for SUCCESS!' AND REWARDING THE GOOD BEHAVIOR.

K-10 Dog Training Marks the good & Marks the bad.
Turning the bad into good, Making the negative become the Positive.

All throughout the group or private lessons (a 5 week series), I will introduce to you the 'Foundation to my Training Program', the 'Success to K-10 Dog Training', along with the Standard Basic Obedience cues through the introduction to the Basic Obedience Training Program. You are now at the beginning stages of your dog moving forward to having a well behaved, civil dog. Helping you understand the how-to's. You as the owner can now bring your training with your dog to a higher level. It's the beginning to a well rounded, stable pup/dog.

In a group class environment, the problem areas you are experiencing will be included to help you throughout the training series/course. In a group class setting I take the time to work on behavior issues, however, addressing a behavior problem is a private/in-home consult or more if necessary. In the group classes I always allow a question and answer time (using demonstrations when needed to show you how to get the dog to preform), which will help you approach the problem(s) at home. If the problem(s) persist, then an in-home, private class is suggested and even highly recommended in order to help you with problems that exist within the home.

Please Note: All aggressive dog(s) must be worked with through in-home, private lessons.

The private, in-home lessons are for those who want my special undivided attention or if there is a behavior problem where your dog can not be in a group environment.

Safty First
Which must be adhered to for all involved in a group environment.

During private lessons I am able to give my undivided attention in a private, in-home environment. This gives me the ability to directly address the behavior issues and/or concerns that you are experiencing by working closely with you and your dog. Implementing and teaching you to work with your dog to become 'settled', civil while we are training you and your dog the important cues for basic obedience while addressing the behavior problems. I will help you learn how to re-direct your dog while working with the behavior concerns you are experiencing your dog.

Making a negative environment become a positive working environment.

It starts here in the 5 week program BUT Does NOT end here. Remember the 5 weeks is the beginning and an introduction to the SUCCESSFUL Training of your dog (or puppy).

It doesn't stop at the end of the 5 weeks.

Persistence and consistency along with Repetition is key to 'training' your dog or puppy.

It is important to remember that ALL dogs are different.

I encourage you to continue on after the 5 week program(s) in order to:

"Tweak it and Perfect it in order to Strengthen it by Maintaining it and when necessary...
Reeee-fresh it!"© 2009 – 2023.