When the success stories just keep coming...

Speaking the right words

To say my husband and I are delighted with the training that Nancy provided is an understatement. Not only does Nancy speak "dog" she also speaks "people." Make no mistake dog training initially is 75% owner and 25% dog and speaking "people" is huge. Nancy is patient and instructional and gots the expected results from both her people and our dog. You do need to put in the time and if you are not prepared to do so, then don't bother and your pet will continue with poor behavior. If however you follow her directions and the book, you will be gifted with a well behaved pet. We have just finished our 3 lessons and it has already paid dividends.

Thanks so much for such a wonderful experience.


We have a bloodhound that is great - just a little crazy. Nancy was wonderful - she helped us to get Winston to settle down, sit, focus, touch & heel!! She was a fantastic trainer & we will use all her training tools & her training book for a long time!!

Thanks so much!!
Winston thanks you too!!



Hi Nancy!

He did much better than we expected! He is very smart and so wants to learn
We LOVED the class and would definitely want to continue on with it
I think the socialization with the other dogs and people will be very helpful for him also!!

Thank you for the encouragement,
you are awesome!



Just had to let you know that I just came back from a walk with Molly, we walked past a house with five small dogs in the yard who went nuts barking and barking at her. She started barking back in response but I got her to focus and settle and keep right on walking. I'm so proud of her!!!! Yesterday's session really helped me. Thank you!


Less Stress

Hi Nancy,

Lucy has done beautifully with your class. She was able to get out and about with us ALL week. She is now walking beautifully on a loose leash with much less stress. I feel that I have all the tools I need to maintain her skills.
You have provided us with the basics and she is becoming an awesome pet.

Thanks for everything!!
Sandi & Lucy


Hi Nancy

We participated in your training class two years ago with our Springer Abby. You were great and she is great, I am sure partly because of you! That said, at the current moment, we aren't in need of any further training, though we have learned to never say never. So for now, can you take us off your mailing list? We know where to find you if/when a need arises.

Thank you so much for everything.

Take care,


When people notice a well behaved dog... K-10 stands out.

Hey Nancy

Just checking in to say Hi

Hope all is well with you. I met a dog named Rigley who is as good as gold! I asked about his "schooling". Of course, it was K-10!



Hi Nancy

Thank you for coming over last night for our first training session. Again, that is really amazing that you do home visits, and spent so much of your time with us. She LOVES "touch." She actually gets so excited that she sometimes runs up to me to bop my hand with her little nose. I think that "focus" is really helpful too, and she's very good at it. It was also great to learn that she should be responding to her name more consistently. Heel has always been a tough one for me. The best I was able to do with "heel" in the past was get her to slow down and walk next to me for like 3 seconds, and then she just runs ahead again….I think that your methods are really excellent for here. I could see that she connected with you more than any of our past trainers, and that is really important I think. She responded (behaved) well with our trainer that worked with police dogs, but his methods were more strict and I think that she was more afraid of him than respectful and "eager" to learn.

Just wanted to say thank you again, and that we are looking forward to working with you again soon after we move into the new house.

Thanks again,


Nancy is a fantastic trainer. She’s so calming and patient and she had an incredible way with my adopted lab Missy. Never thought Missy would learn anything but Nancy made it happen but more importantly, she gave me the tools and confidence I needed to manage my fears to keep both me and Missy safe on our walks!!! What an incredible experience!

Emily D.



Just had to let you know that I just came back from a walk with Molly, we walked past a house with five small dogs in the yard who went nuts barking and barking at her. She started barking back in response but I got her to focus and settle and keep right on walking. I'm so proud of her!!!! Yesterday's session really helped me. Thank you!


Letter to the Editor

Coastal Point/Ocean View, DE

Hello Patricia,

We would like to take this opportunity to offer praise for the work that Nancy LaFontaine at K-10 Dog Training is doing.

We have a nice active lab puppy and have been taking her to class with Nancy and have seen a dramatic improvement in her behavior since starting the classes.

Nancy provides an excellent service and we are very happy with the results.

Best Regards,
John and Janice R., Lewes

Letter to the Editor

Cape Gazette/ Lewes, DE

Dear Ms. V...:

We are writing about a dog trainer we found through an advertisement in the Cape Gazette. We hired Nancy LaFontaine of K-10 Dog Training to help us with our dog, Mardi, a shelter rescue.

Even though we had several trainers for the six dogs we had through the years, Mardi is a challenge. She was born in a shelter and thus, has fear and anxiety issues with other dogs and with meeting new people. In just two private lessons in which Nancy came to our home, Mardi has made tremendous progress. Nancy has taught the leadership skills to make Mardi more confident and less stressed. Nancy even worked with our 11 year old Yorkie who was feeding into Mardi's issues. We are looking forward to more sessions.

We are so happy to have found Nancy and her training program. Based on our experiences, one of her individual training sessions at our home is more valuable than six weeks of group lessons elsewhere. K-10 has done much to enhance our relationship with our dogs. Thanks also to the Cape Gazette for providing a place to find good local businesses.

Dan G and Anne H

Great Class Setting


We were very pleased with your class for "aggressive" dogs. Having an organized approach to introducing aggressive and ways to focus attention on us gave us confidence in our ability to control our one aggressive dog when approaching others. There was a reduction in aggression from day one when all the dogs were separated by 20 feet to the last day when we were able to conduct controlled walks within 5 feet of other dogs. Even our second more socialized dog benefited from the same class. Thank you so much.

Stan and Marcia


Dear Nancy,

Thank you so very much for your kindness and wonderful instruction. You made the CGC test a relaxed and fun experience.

Polly and I have enjoyed your classes and have learned so much. I feel very lucky to have you as my instructor.

Ann and Polly


Hey Nancy!

How's it going? Buster is such a good dog! He really listens to me now and it's amazing how much he's matured and settled in after his first year. You really helped give me the confidence as a new dog owner. Thank you.



Hi Nancy,

We are finally settled in our new home.... Dexter is doing great! Lots of dogs (and rabbits) in the neighborhood! I am so pleased that Dexter gets along great with other dogs!! He is such a good boy! We really appreciate your training!! Dexter would not be who he is without it! And more importantly, I learned so much!!

Thanks for everything!!

Kay and Dexter

Thanks to K-10 Dog Training

My dog and I had many difficulties with her training until Nancy LaFontaine of K-10 Dog Training came into our lives. We are now making great progress. Thank you Nancy for your patience and expertise.


One Better

I've been to 2 other Basic Obedience classes with my 2 other dogs and your class is the best and you are by far more personal.

Connie and Dennis


Thank you for all of the advise and all of your help with Brutus. You have no idea how much I appreciate it!!!

Amanda & Brutus!


Thank you, Nancy. It was a great pleasure meeting you - I am so very impressed with your capabilities! Rosie and I are looking forward to classes.

Excellent with Dogs & Owners

Nancy is a wonderful trainer and I am so glad we found her. Not only is she excellent with the dogs, but the owners too! I highly recommend K-10 Dog Training! The class was a wonderful experience!



I am so glad Lizzie and me have found you!!! Your instruction has already made a world of difference in our lives!!! Lizzie has been listening to me and responding to her commands. It's almost as if she is waiting for further instruction from me!! We can't wait to be part of your class.


Thanks, your the best, (really I've known many dog trainers. Keep up the good work.) Stand by for recommendations of every canine I meet!

S. & N. & Zeke

Helping Families and the SPCA

Hi, Nancy. I'm glad to hear you're still going strong with your animal training business. You're the best! ... You did so much for so many of our dogs and, thanks to you, not only did the dogs find great homes, but you brought much happiness and positivity to the program.

Barb (another volunteer with the Georgetown SPCA)

Hands-on Training

We usually use ... Kennels but you have come highly recommended and we wanted someone closer and we wanted to put more hands on training with the dogs ourselves this time


Bringing About Success

We could not make it such a success without you!!!! Nancy you are the best trainer in the world. The patients you have shown not only the guys in the program but with me is amazing. I am glad you are a part of such a wonderful program.


Very Positive Reinforcement

When I tell people about you and what you have done for us I tell them you use Positive Reinforcement methods. You made a difference for us when you taught me new methods and I enjoyed the classes because they were small and very positive. The methods do and did work.


Always Improving

We believe that our training standard equips trainers such as yourself with a ready-made 'high bar' that you can use to guide your training efforts. I applaud you for trying something new. We need more trainers like you!


Fast Work

Hey Nancy,

The boys are doing REALLY well. I'm amazed at how quickly the alterations you put in place the other night have helped calm them down on their walks. Hardly any barking now and when they do cut loose, I'm able to shut it down pretty fast. AMAZING.



Staying Informed

Hi Nancy!

I just wanted to touch base with you to let you know that once again, you've provided me with information I have found not only helpful, but relevant. ... Thanks for the forewarning -- you know your stuff.


An Easy Walk

Hi Nancy,

Thanks so much for coming to work with us yesterday. We took our dog for three more walks this weekend and she is getting so much better. She calms down right away when she barks at a dog or person and my daughter re-directs her right away and she calms down. It is so much more pleasant to take her outside!! I am sure with repeated practice, she will eventually get to the point where she won't bark.

Thanks again!!! Oh, we were able to get an Easy Walk harness... It is a much better harness.


Wonderful with all the Dogs

As you know, she has worked with Madison training her to get into her carrier bag. While Madison bonds with and loves everyone, she developed a very special one on one bond with Nancy! I was very impressed with the results! In addition to getting into her carrier bag, Madison also learned a few new beneficial behaviors such as, focus and leave it. And during the process, Nancy was also very nice, accommodating and considerate to me. She was very thorough-outlining the expectations, what she needed and how she planned to train Madison. And then explained the details and expectations of the follow up process.

With love and barks,
Karen & Madison

From a Volunteer at the SPCA

I attended the dog training sessions with Nancy the last two Sundays. I just wanted to let you know I found it very helpful and useful. It really helped me to work with the dogs when I go visit them and take them out. Any issues I had with any of the dogs, she helped me address them and taught me how to handle them in the future.

If you have any future sessions, I would like to be included. Thank you!


Detailed & Thorough

Heya Nancy,

It is excellent to see that we have a great trainer with the threshold and knowledge that you have. Together we can really give the thoroughness and the detailed commands and information that the client needs and will appreciate.

I want to congratulate you on your first week of classes and can’t wait to see you Tuesday, if not sooner.

Yours truly,